Draw objects

Draw various elements, such as markers, polygons, circles or lines. It can help areas like, grass companies, agriculture, plan soil or land measure. Users can input locations, draw shapes, measure distances, and customize maps for their specific needs, whether for personal, educational, or professional purposes.

Store Locator

Can create up to 5 Store Locators to add the Locations, Schedule and Data about your business. Store locators make it easy for customers to find physical store locations, enhancing their overall experience.


With rising sea levels, it is increasingly important to check risk areas. With Calcmaps PRO you can add and save multiple elevation points on the Map or create an elevation profile along a line.

Travel Planning

People that need plan routes and export to GPX to use in their GPS devices can use Calcmaps PRO to create maps and routes. Maps are essential for outdoor enthusiasts engaging in activities like hiking, camping, fishing, and skiing. They provide trail maps and topographic information.

Urban Planning

Map visualization is crucial for urban planners to understand the complex spatial relationships between various elements of a city, such as roads, buildings, parks, and public transportation systems.

Environmental Science

Map visualization can help environmental scientists to understand the spatial distribution of environmental factors such as air and water pollution, wildlife habitats, and climate patterns. By mapping these factors, scientists can identify areas of high risk and prioritize conservation efforts.


Map visualization is increasingly used by marketers to analyze customer data, identify geographic clusters of customers, and target marketing campaigns more effectively. By mapping customer data, marketers can identify areas with high potential for growth and develop customized marketing strategies for different regions.


Map visualization is crucial for logistics companies to optimize their supply chain management. By mapping the location of warehouses, transportation routes, and delivery destinations, companies can identify the most efficient routes and reduce transportation costs.


Farmers and agricultural planners use maps to understand the landscape and plan the best use of land for various crops or agricultural activities. They can identify areas suitable for cultivation, grazing, or conservation based on soil types, terrain, and water availability.

Soil Mapping

Soil maps provide detailed information about soil types, fertility, and composition across different regions. This helps farmers make informed decisions about crop selection, fertilization, and irrigation practices tailored to the specific characteristics of their land.

Water Management

Maps are essential for managing water resources efficiently in agriculture. Farmers use maps to identify watersheds, drainage patterns, and areas prone to flooding or waterlogging. This information helps in designing irrigation systems, implementing water conservation practices, and mitigating the risks associated with water-related challenges.

Disaster Management

Map visualization is essential for disaster management to understand the spatial extent of a disaster and plan rescue and relief efforts effectively. It can also help in identifying areas that are more prone to natural disasters and developing mitigation strategies.

Real Estate Professionals

Real estate agents, brokers, and property managers can use Calcmaps PRO to create detailed maps that show property locations, boundaries, and other important information.

Delivery and Logistics Companies

Delivery companies and logistics providers can use Calcmaps PRO to optimize delivery routes, and plan shipments.

Marketing and Advertising Agencies

Marketing and advertising agencies can use Calcmaps PRO to create customized maps for their clients' campaigns, such as interactive store locators or event maps.

Government and Municipalities

Government agencies and municipalities can use Calcmaps PRO to create maps for urban planning, emergency response, and public transportation.

Personalization and Customization

Maps offer personalization and customization features that allow individuals to save favorite locations, create custom maps, and tailor map settings to their preferences.

Non-profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations can use Calcmaps PRO to create maps for fundraising campaigns, advocacy initiatives, and community outreach programs.

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