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Calcmaps PRO has complete GIS drawing solutions! Geometry, Elevation, Directions or 3D Objects


Create a Store Locator in minutes
and add it to your website


Easily set up a dynamic multi location map highlighting current and future properties for sale

Why should I use Calcmaps PRO?

Custom Maps

You can customize basemaps, 3D objects, custom markers, circles, lines, polygons, routes, elevation, and even import data.

Affordable prices

It comes with the cheapest prices on the market in the Mapping software segment. If you find cheaper please reach us.

Easy integration

You can easily integrate your published Maps or Store at any website. You can also share your Maps for presentations.

Quick start

We provide comprehensive tutorials and videos to help you, check our Youtube page.

User friendly

Our software is easy to use. It´s made for technical and non-technical people. In a few minutes you can make your first map.

Lots of features

It comes with everything you need for mapping.
Check all Solutions.

Outstanding support

We are here to help you with any issues you may encounter along the way.

Free updates

You will receive future updates for free.

Fits every device

Fully responsive, works on any device.

Use cases

Location it’s a huge part of running a business, even an online-only one.
You need to know everything about your business location, including how long a potential customer might have to drive to reach you, how far your delivery drivers should go, and more.
The best way to do this? CALCMAPS PRO!


Real Estate, Sales, Insurance, Energy, Health, Logistics, Construction, Engineering...

Personal use

Geocaching, Hobbyist, Student, Cycling, Motorcycling, Hiking, Travel, Sailor, Beekeeper, Events...


Sports events, Education, Government, Charity, News, Marketing, Technology, Tourism...

What our customers say

Richard, from USA

I really like this tool, I used to use a complicated and expensive GIS software, but with calcmapsPRO things are easier and I have all the features I need.

Olivia, UK

Calcmaps PRO offers an amazing support. I use it everyday at my company, I work with urban planning and this tool really help me.

Hannah, Germany

Ich kann nicht ohne diese Software leben, sie ist einfach und macht alles, was ich brauche. Calcmaps PRO tut, was wir brauchen, und das zu einem Bruchteil der Kosten seiner Konkurrenten.

Pierre, France

Depuis que j'ai découvert Calcmaps PRO, je n'ai jamais perdu de temps à chercher un autre type d'outil. Le support client est également incroyable, tout comme le prix.

Lucas, Spain

Fantástica herramienta, muy potente e con un diseño fantástico. Gracias, sigan con el buen trabajo.